Snug-Rug Eskimo Hoodie Blanket (Lilac Grey)


You don’t have to be in Alaska to cosy up like an ESKIMO this Winter!
Are you ready to hibernate watching Netflix with a BRAND NEW Snug Rug Eskimo Sofa Blanket Hoodie?
After all, sitting in your own house, in peace, eating snacks and minding your own business is PRICELESS!


Snug-Rug Eskimo Hoodie Blanket (Lilac Grey)

Stay warm in arctic conditions.

Eskimos live in some of the coldest conditions known to man, they keep warm by wearing layers of fur.
We all use blankets to stay warm or if outside similar to Eskimos we use a thick layered hooded coat.

The problem with a blanket is freedom of movement and there is always a cold spot unless you completely wrap yourself up.

With inspiration from Eskimo clothing, we decided to make a modern twist on how they keep warm and created the Snug-Rug® Eskimo™ Sherpa Fleece Hoodie Blanket!
Using modern man-made heat retaining fabrics and some extra key features we’ve made this unbelievably warm over-sized hoodie blanket that’s useable anywhere!

You won’t be afraid of the cold inside or out, it is the extra cosy layer of warmth you have always dreamed of.
Being over-sized, it easily fits over the top of your normal clothing.

Snuggled on the sofa, doing some household jobs or outside camping you will be amazed at how warm and cosy you feel wearing the Snug-Rug® Eskimo™, it really is the most versatile blanket available.
To believe just how warm the Snug-Rug® Eskimo™ is, you will have to try it!

Pouch Pocket with Faux Fur Trim

Get cold hands? You can bury them deep inside the Sherpa-lined front pouch pocket with Faux Fur trim for extra warmth.
You can also use this pocket to hold your glasses or remote controls etc.
The opening on each side is 12” (30cm) tall and the whole pocket is 23.5” (60cm) wide, so there is even enough room for a hot water bottle.

Faux Fur Hood – Unlike any other.
Inspired by Eskimos clothing, our hoodie blanket has a Faux fur trim.
It doesn’t only look great, but a fur-trimmed hood also has the added virtue of actually working to keep you warm.
Eskimos use them to block wind and catch snow, sleet, and rain before they hit and freeze on your face.

Sleeves with Thumbhole Cuffs

The Eskimo Blanket has extra-large arms and sleeves measuring to a total of 34.5” (87.5cm) long and 28” (71cm) diameter.
The 3″ (7.5cm) long cuffs with a thumbhole won’t let the warmth out or the cold in!
The sleeves allow you to complete freedom while staying lovely and toasty.


Outer Surface:
Premium quality 260gsm flannel fleece.

Inside Layer:
Luxurious 200gsm Sherpa fleece lining.
Dense, insulating, soft and incredibly comfortable.


Makes a great gift for any occasion.
One size fits all adults, but your kids will still love to wear it.
Doesn’t drag on the ground or restrict movement.
High-quality stitches and seems.
Snug-Rug® quality assured.
Poncho style blanket.
Fit your whole body inside.
Big and baggy.


Outside in the garden.
Comfort on the sofa.
Lounge around the house.
Toasty on the coldest winter nights.
You can wear it as a normal piece of clothing.


Size: 80” (203cm) Waist, 38” (96.5cm) Body, 34.5” (87.5cm) Arms.
Cleaning Care: Synthetic 40˚C wash.
Colours Available: Slate Grey, Pink Quartz and Navy Blue
Packaging: Ribbon tied Snug-Rug® branded front/rear card packaging. Vacuum packed. Polybag.
Material: 100% Polyester. Outer Layer: 260gsm flannel fleece. Inner Layer: 200gsm Sherpa.
Included: 1 x Hoodie Blanket.
Warnings: Keep away from fire.


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