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Snug-Rug Blankets with Sleeves, Super Soft Throws, Towels & Hoodies

Snug-Rug Eskimo Hoodie blanket. Deluxe blanket with sleeves. Outdoor blankets with sleeves and hat. Kids fun Tail blankets. Adult Christmas blankets with sleeves. The Sherpa blanket with sleeves. Super Soft Throw blankets and Microfibre Towels. Ideal for home, travel and outdoor use.

What’s the Difference Between Each Snug-Rug?

Check out our range, where you’re sure to find the perfect Snug-Rug® to keep you warm.
We have hoodies, sleeved, super soft, deep pile and even waterproof blankets!

Blankets with Sleeves

Sherpa, Deluxe, Outdoor, Christmas, Cosy and Lite blankets. Each that have oversized sleeves that allow you the freedom to comfortably read, snack or work on your laptop whilst staying warm, snug and cosy. The Sherpa, Deluxe, Outdoor, Cosy and Lite blankets also each have a handy front pouch pocket to either keep your hands inside for extra warmth or for holding your keys, glasses or mobile phone etc.

Blankets without Sleeves

Choose between the Premium, Yeti and Sherpa throw blankets. Each made from the finest quality fleece material to keep you warm and cosy. They don’t have sleeves but they have all the warmth!

Tail Blankets

For the kids, we have the fun and functional Tail blankets that kids will love! Made from super soft Mink and polar fleece. They fit most children up to the age of 12yrs or 5ft tall and their feet will fit right into the tail section.

Hoodie Blanket

With Eskimo Hooide you won’t be afraid of the cold inside or out, it is the extra cosy layer of warmth you have always dreamed of. Being over-sized, it easily fits over the top of your normal clothing. Snuggled on the sofa, doing some household jobs or outside camping you will be amazed at how warm and cosy you feel wearing the Snug-Rug Eskimo, it really is the most versatile blanket available. To believe just how warm the Snug-Rug Eskimo is, you will have to try it!

Microfibre Towels

Our Microfibre Towel is a perfect combination of comfort, usability and practicality. Perfect for using at the gym, fitness studios, swimming pools, sports, travelling, camping, hiking, the beach, yoga and pilates etc.